Photograph Your Adventure

When we think of "adventure" we often think of jet-setting away to a remote island beach, or visiting and hiking beautiful mountains with infinite vistas. We think of escaping from the everyday grind, the day-to-day, and experiencing something new and exciting. While this is true and those types of adventures are amazing, we here at Fast Focus think adventure is more than that.

We believe that you can find adventure anywhere and everywhere you are, that everyday life can be an amazing adventure

We have this motto here, "Photograph Your Adventure", and though we often show fantastic images shared by great photographers from all over, we believe that you can find adventure anywhere and everywhere you are, that everyday life can be an amazing adventure! That daily, even in the sometimes mundane situations, you can find beautiful and exciting memories. We think that the trip to the grocery store and the spontaneous stop for ice cream is something to be remembered. Or the visit to your local zoo, and watching the kids smile as they see their favorite animals. Even the daily meal preparation, or lounging on the couch with loved ones can make for great photographs. These moments make up the stories of our lives. These are the moments of your own personal adventure.

Mom with two kids looking at iPad

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash


We want to help you capture these moments. We hope to inspire you to see the beauty in every day and to then make a great image. Whether that is with the camera phone that is with you always or a brand new high end digital, we want to show you how to get the best images at the moment so you can cherish the memories. That is why we plan to release a series of short informative articles on everyday photography and how to utilize your gear best. We love helping and are always willing to answer questions, about gear, photography, printing, or if you're wanting to go pro the business of photography. We want to help you succeed in telling the story of your adventure. Whether you are like most people and taking photos for yourself, an aspiring photographer, or an established professional, we are here for you.

do not diminish your own adventure in comparison with another

So for as much fun as it is to watch the world travelers and to dream about visiting exotic locations, know you can find beauty in everyday moments. Step away from the curated world of social media for a moment and see the exciting world you live in. No more comparing with the Instagram influencer posting from the beach or the YouTube star recording from the Arctic. No more comparing your moments to somebody else's carefully chosen moment. Enjoy those posts for what they are, expressions of that person's adventure. But do not diminish your own adventure in comparison with another. Look at the people around you, the people close to you, and embrace every day as your adventure, and then capture it.


That's what we mean when we say, Photograph Your Adventure.


Let us know how we can help you and the types of content you would like to see. We love hearing from you!


Cover Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

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