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Major Changes Ahead

Posted by Ryan Edick on

The photo industry, especially camera retail, has undergone enormous changes over the years with the largest being the continued advance of online retail. This challenge is not unique to the photo industry and in fact in certain instances online shopping across the board has become dominant. I do not see this trend changing, in fact I believe it will continue to accelerate. The retail store in a general sense will become secondary, a supplement to a thriving online store. In the past Fast Focus has always tried to adapt to the changing environment in order to serve our customers by providing the best service, tools, and advice for you to, as we like to put it, "Photograph Your Adventure!".

And now, once again, we have reached a point where we must adapt and choose a direction. Therefore, effective March 1, 2018 we will be shutting down our main retail area in order to focus on offering the best service we possibly can online. We will be looking to build a thriving online store and will continue to offer a large variety of camera products and accessories through our website. We will also continue to offer our printing services at the highest quality you have come to expect from us.

In order to continue to serve our local customers through this change, we will maintain one day (Monday) for local ordering and in person shopping. We will maintain a limited number of products in store as well as offer advice and help with making purchasing decisions. We will also have a kiosk available for print ordering. For this, we will be temporarily working out of our studio, located directly next door to our current location.

Through adversity also comes opportunity. And so here is the sweet to this bitter post. Because of some of these changes, and the nature of online shopping, we will be lowering many of our prices in order to better compete, especially in regards to our printing service. And though we will never be able to match pricing with the extreme discount shops, as we are not willing to sacrifice quality, we will be reducing our prices to meet or beat the pricing of other high end print shops such as Bayphoto or WHCC. We will also be looking at expanding our product offering and bringing in more products such as the excellent WANDRD bag and the well known DJI drone line. We will also be introducing a new line of home decor items. Items such as beautiful framed photographs to throw pillows and shower curtains. We will try to curate a number of beautiful images that can fit into a variety of home decor. We hope you will enjoy this aspect and look forward to hearing your thoughts as we introduce this product line.

Finally, we will be doubling down on our commitment to helping our customers get the shot. We will be focusing on some of our long neglected projects such as our community building initiative through our meetup group (join us: as well as creating and finding online resources for developing as a photographer.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years! We look forward to this new challenge and hope to continue to serve you well. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions!



Photo by Rob Bates on Unsplash

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